Frequently asked questions

What's the cost?

Everyone wants to know this answer! That's completely natural! You have finite resources which include time and money. The short answer is that you can attend class for only $15. That's all it costs to come to any of our amazing classes! Of course there is a longer answer too, which is that you can also buy multi-packs. We offer two very common multi-packs.

  • 10 Pack: For $110 you can attend any 10 classes over a period of SIX (6) months
  • "2x per Week": For $90 you attend any 10 classes over a period of ONE (1) month
  • "3x per Week": For $120 you attend any 14 classes over a period of ONE (1) month
  • Unlimited: For $150 you attend as many classes as you can over a ONE (1) month period
When you schedule a class online, if you already have a package, then one class will be removed from your package. If not, then you will be prompted to purchase a package. One last distinction for classes - the multi-packs do not cross these boundaries: Youth/Adult or Boxing/Wrestling. If you buy 10-pack of Youth Boxing, you cannot use that to attend Adult Boxing nor can you use it to attend any Wrestling classes. Private Lessons: Private lessons can be booked for $30 per half hour. If you would like to have an hour, book back-to-back 30 minutes sessions. We do not offer packages for private lessons at this time.

What should I wear or bring?

Wear clothes as you normally would to do a workout. Also bring either gym shoes, or plan to work out in bare feet as we do not allow street shoes on our mat. For boxing classes: On your very first class, you will be able to borrow wraps and gloves from the gym. This is because we want you to experience the class and know if you enjoy it without having to invest in additional equipment. After your first class, you can decide if you would like to purchase your own gloves or rent them from the gym. We recommend you purchase your own wraps as they are not very expensive. We do offer bottles of water from our refridgerator for $1 each. We also have a faucet (unfiltered) if you want to bring your own water bottle from home and fill it at the gym with tap water.

What ages can attend?

Our Youth programs generally run from Kindergarten to 8th grade, and our Adult/Teen programs then start with 9th graders and older. Children 11 years old and older have been known to join our Teen/Adult Boxing classes if they are deemed ready by the instructor Parents of children: Please look at this tutorial to understand how and why the scheduling system works the way it does. It will save you a little frustration going forward. Also see the question "How do I sign up?"

How experienced do you need to be?

ALL experience levels are welcome to every class! Our goal is to get you started quickly with a basic understanding, and then we work incrementally on improving those skills in every session. Our workouts include different stations where you will work to build skills like agility, stamina, strength, quickness, core, and of course confidence. The most fun station - for most people at least - is boxing the instructor. That is where all your other skills come together. When you are done with class, many people find that they have not only sweated away calories, but also stress.

Do I need to sign up?

The short answer is: We really want you to sign up! The long anwer is: You can just show up to class and bring either cash (exact change appreciated) or a check made out to JJ's Boxing. HOWEVER, some classes are not yet attended very well, and if no one has signed up, the instructor may not show up either. This will leave you a little frustrated because the door will be locked and instead of having a "dream class" where you are essentially getting a private lesson for only 1/4 the cost, you have wasted your time coming to a locked gym. There is also the potential for the opposite problem, which is that our gym has limited space. If you have signed up, you are guaranteed to be able to attend that class. If you just drop-in, if there is space, then we will be happy to bring you into class, but if not, you will be turned away. So ultimately, the long answer is that we also really want you to sign up!

How can I sign up?

We use a system called MindBody which will keep track of your user and how many classes you have purchased. It is a cloud based software that is PCI compliant (meaning the banks trust it to appropriately use and store your credit cards). It offers a widget that we have put into our web pages here to allow for class sign-ups. It also offers a phone/tablet app to facilitate sign-ups. And it's most functional interface is a browser based web page hosted by MindBody. If you are an Adult, responsible for yourself, and paying for yourself, you are free to use any of the mentioned methods to sign up for classes. If you are trying to manage children who will be attending classes, then it gets a little more complicated (unfortunately). Please see this tutorial or this tutorial for how to effectively manage children in the system and please also ONLY use the MindBody web page to sign up (even on your phone or tablet you can use the Chrome or Safari browser to go to the web page). The following links can get you to the MindBody sign-up pages:

What about COVID-19?

We have been happy to see our clients the past few weeks! We have been working hard to ensure that you and our instructors are safe when you come to workout with us. We have enacted the following restrictions: ✔️ We encourage everyone to wear a mask. ✔️ Our stations on our circuit training are at least 6 feet apart ✔️ We have sanitizing wipes at each station ✔️ We clean our mats twice a day ✔️ Wrestling is not currently available ✔️ Handpads are not currently available ✔️ No contact among clients or with instructor currently ✔️ If you do not feel well - please do not come to class * * if you cancel for feeling ill, please let us know so we can ensure that your class ticket is available for use when you feel better - or have recovered after a quarantine period. As always, we are Fighting for Fitness, and you can't be fit if you can't be well.