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Coach Jerome Jansen

Jerome’s wrestling career began while he was in middle school. He wrestled at Sun Prairie High School where he later returned an assistant Varsity wrestling coach for 9 years. Jerome was also a participant in the Golden Gloves tournament for two years, placing second both times. With 15 years of boxing experience, he continues to work with professional and amateur fighters. He has now been a boxing and wrestling trainer for 6 years.

Jerome is very passionate about boxing & wrestling and working with kids. He says “by coaching and training, it has provided me with a way to help grow kids both in and out of the gym. As proud as I am of the accomplishments on the mat, I am thrilled with the men they have become outside of the gym.” He believes that JJ’s Youth Wrestling program will be so beneficial to young wrestlers because of its knowledgeable staff, individualized training, and small class sizes. He looks forward to making the most of every minute spent in the gym while he is coaching and training.

Coach Adam Zimmerman

Adam Zimmerman graduated from Sun Prairie High School and still resides in town with his wife and two children. He has been involved in sports since a young age, but wresting was always his passion. Both his father and stepfather, being wrestlers themselves, were EXTREMELY supportive of his wrestling career. He started wrestling in 5th grade and graduated as a 4 year letter winner, including regional champ his Junior year, and 3rd in conference his Senior year. He coached the wrestling program at Rio High School for 5 years, with many trips to the state wrestling championship. He loves sports at all levels, but has enjoyed watching and coaching both his kids in many activities as they grow.

Coach Edwin Bonayon

Wrestling has changed my life for the better. It has helped shape me into the individual I am today. I grew up in Parma, Idaho where wrestling was the sport to play. I was a 4x Idaho State placer. I was also a 4 time state placer in Freestyle and Greco where I qualified for Idaho National Team. I competed at Nations in both Freestyle and Greco both my Junior and Senior year. After my high school career, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corp as a Infantry Rifleman. After completed two overseas deployments, I had the opportunity to try out for the All Marine Wrestling team. I was able to make the team as the number 2 wrestler in my weight . During my time on the Marine Wrestling Team I was able to sharpen my skills in both Freestyle and Greco. After my time in the Service I needed to fill the void so I started training in MMA. I have competed in several grappling tournaments, and had several professional MMA fights. I have lived in Wisconsin for the last 5 years where I have volunteered as a youth wrestling coach for the Sun Prairie High School team the last 3 seasons. I have 2 boys that will be wrestling this season, so I hope they can get the same from wrestling that I did!