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JJ's Club Wrestling 

Our Club Wrestling Team this year will again run for approximately 4 months: November through February.  Practices will be Mondays & Wednesdays at either 5pm or 6pm.  We will be splitting up the members for practices into the LIGHTNING SQUAD and the THUNDER SQUAD.  Lightning Squad will practice at 5pm and be younger wrestlers (Kindergarden - 3rd grade).  Thunder Squad will practice at 6pm and will be older wrestlers (4th - 8th grade).  This will help ensure proper match-ups during practice and improve the overall skills of everyone. The easy way to remember this is that first comes the LIGHTNING, then comes the THUNDER.  

Costs for the season are $80 per month in Nov,Dec,Jan,Feb, OR you can pay $270 in November for the whole season.  This will cover practice times, singlet use, and a T-Shirt.  Additional costs will be membership in USA Wrestling, and tournament fees.  Tournament participation is encouraged but not required.  

The following information does NOT commit you to our Team, nor does it cost any money.  It DOES help us plan our practices and gives us a way to contact you to let you know when and how to sign up.

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