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Child Booking Quick Ref

  1. You should be in a BROWSER (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc) - which hopefully you are if you are seeing this page.  This works best on a laptop or computer, but an iPad should be big enough.  DO NOT use the phone app or the tablet app - it will only book reservations for YOU and NOT YOUR CHILDREN.

  2. To open MindBody, click on this link:
    or you can get there by following this procedure:

    1. go to

    2. click on FAQ at the top of the page

    3. open the last question

    4. click on the kind of classes you are looking for

  3. Select the class you want to book

  4. It will ask you to log in (or make a login)

  5. You want to be sure to click the blue box that has your child's name in it

  6. If you have an active package, you are all done!  If not then choose a package to pay for the session

  7. Enter payment information

  8. You can also see a visual tutorial at the two links below




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